About Me

1994 - 2000 FaVU VUT Brno, Figural painting, Professor Jiří Načeradský M.F.A.
1989 - 1993 Secondary School of Arts and Crafts Brno, painting

I understand the work of art, and the art process closely related to it, as a vibrational tool for the structural expression of the subconscious.

Expression of primordial. Wish, lust, desire…

So for me a painting is a record of the energy vibration of an artist-painter.

The "consciously unconscious, subconsciously conscious" way of knowing the primordial purpose with the intention of communicating this experience to others and addressing people with similar attunement.


Lukáš Orlita, March 20, 2020, Brno

lukas orlita 300px